Custom Sneaker Fittings

The only good sneaker is a new sneaker that fits.

Sneaker Fittings

We make sneakers fit.

Sometimes the right fit requires sneaker-adjustments.

Like the time Pete came in. We gave him nice shoes but they created irritating pressure on the top of his foot. We reduced the pressure by changing the way the shoes were laced. That ended the irritation but it caused the heel to slip—which we stopped with a nifty technique that uses those two holes at the top of the shoes. (You’ve always wondered why those holes are there.) Pete is now running everyday.

Sometimes the right fit requires people-adjustments.

Like that time Tina the nurse came in with painful feet. She told me that she wore size 8 ½ shoes. I measured her feet and said, “The bad news is that we don’t have the shoe you want in 8 ½ . The good news is that we do have it in your size.” “What’s my size?” “Size 10.” Her jaw dropped. “Don’t let that number get between us,” I said, “You can still say that you’re an 8 ½ .” She bought the 10’s—in a box with the size crossed out—and left with a smile on her face. Later that day, her husband came in, embraced me and said, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

We trim insoles, match wide feet to wide sneakers, put some people in sneakers with higher heels and others into nearly flat shoes, give women’s sneakers to guys with tiny feet, give men’s sneakers to women with big feet, put some feet into cushioned shoes and others into firm shoes… whatever it takes.

We also carry a range of sneakers, from Adidas to Zoot. If the choices feel overwhelming, we’ll point out the shoe that’s best for you (it’s the one that’s the most comfortable).

Physical therapists, foot doctors and chiropractors refer their patients to us. So, we got you covered.

You’ll do more standing, walking and running in shoes that fit.

Come visit Run Shoe Store. Give us a few minutes to work on the right fit for you. If you don’t like our work, leave with our best wishes.

That probably won’t happen.

Because we make fit happen all day.

Owner Phil Clark performs a sneaker fitting on 6ABC anchors!

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